Ocean City, NJ is bringing you No Parallels, the newest addition to the Voiceless Family. These guys are the strangest mixture of "Genres" we've come across today but don't be discouraged, they do it with perfection. These guys range from the likes of Set Your Goals, The Color Morale to Old School stuff such as a Thorn for Every Heart and even a little Rage Against the Machine vibe-ing with the surprise element of Rap. We're always hesitant to look into artists who have rap mixed in with the Modern Pop/Punk, Metal or whatever it may be. No Parallels is…

Aetolia releases new single “Chains”

AetoliaAetolia Aetolia is a Symphonic Deathcore band from Malakoff, TX. The band was founded in 2012 by it's Keyboardist Josh Giles. The writing process began Early 2012 around March, same year. Once the band piled up enough songs, the decision to record the debut EP was made. Now that they are set to record in December 2013 with See Jay Guitarist from Outline In Color they plan to take the elements of Powerful Keys and Deathcore Drums to a new level of music. After previous bands which has made some great success now lead to a bright future in their…

Keep your mind sharp with these 5 simple tips

The importance of keeping your mind sharp cannot be overstated. We’re all part of a fantastic intellectual and information economy, which thrives on ideas, creativity and intelligence. Keeping your mind sharp is sure to give you the edge over the competition, and more importantly lead to your own higher levels of happiness. When your mind is in top shape, you will: Have greater motivation and focus Get more done Come up with more creative ideas Find inspiration more often Remember more Experience a better life I’d like to share a few practices I’ve found are extremely beneficial in keeping my…

A WAR WITHIN ‘Sons of Saturn’ Full Album Preview

A War Within, hailing from the Metro Detroit area was formed in early 2014 with their focus on a post hardcore rock and providing the best possible music and performance. We have stood by this band and personally witnessed their growth since day one (1.) With the release of their debut album 'Sons of Saturn", the band is sure to make waves in 2015. The album features the likes of artists such as Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate), Devin Oliver (I See Stars), and Bertrand Poncet (Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!). "We are very proud to finally release this album we've…